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Connecting Communities With Retail

As a retail advisory firm, our main goal is to help cities and municipalities recruit retail to their area by providing them with comprehensive and strategic guidance.

How We Work

Our Retail Recruitment Strategy

Community Analysis

A comprehensive gap and peer community analyses in retail, entertainment, and hospitality to identify opportunities for new retailers and services. We match the existing real estate inventory with the best-fit retailers and businesses to develop a bespoke retail and business recruitment strategy.


Professional podcasts, articles, and targeted social media along with email campaigns are used to attract retailers and businesses to the community. Custom marketing brochures promoted at ICSC events showcase community opportunities for retail, industrial, and residential development generating impactful results.

Reporting & Follow-Up

Capital Rivers Connect provides monthly reports to clients highlighting active recruitment activities, progress, feedback from potential retailers, industry updates, and International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) event connections to keep the recruitment strategy relevant and successful.

At Capital Rivers Connect we go beyond just basic recruitment. We leverage our diverse experience in commercial real estate data analytics, development, brokerage, and asset management to strategically connect the right companies and people to generate impactful results for communities. 

With our extensive experience and connections as well as being an active member in multiple industry organizations such as ICSC and Realty Resources we have local, regional, and national connections.

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