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At Capital Rivers Connect we go beyond just basic recruitment. We leverage our diverse experience in commercial real estate data analytics, development, brokerage, and asset management to strategically connect the right companies and people to generate impactful results for communities. 

With our extensive experience and connections as well as being an active member in multiple industry organizations such as ICSC and Realty Resources we have local, regional, and national connections.

As a retail advisory firm, our main goal is to help cities and municipalities recruit retail to their area by providing them with comprehensive and strategic guidance. To achieve this, we will conduct a thorough analysis of the local market and the surrounding region to identify the current retail landscape, potential gaps and opportunities, consumer preferences and trends, as well as the competitive landscape. Based on this analysis, we will develop a tailored and actionable retail recruitment strategy that addresses the unique needs and characteristics of the local community.

One of the key components of our strategy will be to build strong relationships with local and regional retailers, developers, and real estate brokers. We will leverage our extensive network and industry expertise to identify and approach potential tenants, and negotiate favorable lease terms and conditions on behalf of the city or municipality. We will also provide ongoing support and guidance to retailers throughout the recruitment process, including site selection, market research, demographic analysis, and marketing strategies.

Finally, we will work closely with city officials and other stakeholders to create a vibrant and attractive retail environment that meets the needs and desires of the local community. This will involve collaborating on initiatives such as zoning and land-use regulations, infrastructure improvements, and public-private partnerships. By working together, we will create a dynamic and sustainable retail ecosystem that drives economic growth, job creation, and enhances the quality of life for residents and visitors alike.

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