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Map to Chowchilla, California: Discover the Vibrant City at the Intersection of Highways 152 and 99 in the Central Valley

Podcast: Chowchilla – The Safety and Security of a Small Community, With Development Opportunities

Welcome to the Capital Rivers Connect – California Edition podcast! If you’re curious about how communities in the Golden State are investing in their local economy to enhance the prosperity and quality of life for residents and business owners, then this podcast is for you. Through engaging interviews with economic development leaders, entrepreneurs, and stakeholders, the podcast showcases innovative initiatives and success stories driving economic growth and revitalization across California.

In this episode, the focus is on Chowchilla, a city founded a century ago in the heart of California’s lush Central Valley. Greg Aguirre, the CEO of Capital Rivers Commercial, welcomes Mark Hamilton, the Director of Community and Economic Development for Chowchilla. Mark shares fascinating insights about the strategic location of Chowchilla at the intersection of two major highways, making it a gateway to Silicon Valley and linking it to other major cities in the region.

Chowchilla, with its small-town charm and agricultural community, has grown and diversified over the years, now thriving with approximately 20,000 residents. Mark delves into the city’s history, tracing it back to its origins as a stop on the Southern Pacific Railroad in the late 19th century. He also highlights the proactive and business-friendly approach of the city council, ensuring a streamlined process for development and fostering an environment that attracts and supports businesses.

From waiving building permit fees for downtown construction projects to impact deferrals and waivers, Chowchilla offers an array of incentives and support services to both new and existing businesses. The podcast conversation touches on some of these incentives and emphasizes how the city aims to create a conducive environment for growth and investment. With numerous residential projects underway, including plans for thousands of new homes, Chowchilla stands out as a prime example of a small town making a big impact on economic development.

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