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Podcast: Los Banos – A Business and Development Friendly Approach at the Crossroads of California

Welcome to Capital Rivers Connect – California Edition, a podcast that explores how communities in the Golden State are investing and growing their local economy to enhance the prosperity and quality of life for their residents and business owners. Through interviews with economic development leaders, entrepreneurs and stakeholders, we showcase the innovative initiatives and success stories driving economic growth and revitalization in California. Join us on this journey to discover the people and places shaping the economic future of our great state. In this episode, we welcome Community and Economic Development Director Stacy Souza Elms of Los Banos, California.

CEO of Capital Rivers, Greg Aguirre says, “Los Banos has a rich culture, prosperous business community, and thriving agricultural industry, which makes it an ideal location for work or play in the family friendly environment. Here are some fun facts about Los Banos. Interestingly, the name actually means the baths, and it’s named after a spring that feeds natural wetlands in the western San Joaquin Valley. Another fun fact is that the centerpiece of downtown Los Banos is Miller Plaza, and it honors the early California rancher, Henry Miller. In the 19th century, Miller was apparently the largest landowner in the United States, which is huge. I also recently learned that there’s a significant Basque community”.

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