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Shasta County Economic Development Initiatives and Success Stories in Redding, CA and Mt. Shasta

Podcast: Shasta County – Scenic Locations and Shovel Ready Dirt Await Developers and Businesses

Welcome to Capital Rivers Connect – California Edition, a podcast that explores how communities in the Golden State are investing and growing their local economy to enhance the prosperity and quality of life for their residents and business owners. In this episode, we shine the spotlight on Shasta County, a picturesque region located between the Cascades and Sacramento Valley. Todd Jones, the president of Shasta EDC, joins Greg Aguirre, CEO of Capital Rivers Commercial, to discuss the county’s unique advantages and ongoing economic initiatives. With a strategic location along the Interstate 5 corridor, affordable living costs, and breathtaking natural landscapes, Shasta County is attracting businesses and residents alike. From healthcare and education to manufacturing and tourism, the county boasts a diverse economic landscape that has shown resilience and rapid recovery, making it an attractive destination for businesses seeking growth opportunities.

Shasta EDC, a public-private nonprofit organization, acts as the economic development arm for Shasta County and its three incorporated cities. With a focus on job creation and attracting large employers, the EDC has been instrumental in driving economic growth in the region for over 70 years. The county offers several advantages for businesses, such as quick time-to-market due to shovel-ready sites and streamlined permitting processes. Additionally, Shasta County benefits from lower utility costs compared to other areas in the state, making it an appealing location for industrial and manufacturing operations. The EDC also collaborates with local jurisdictions to explore incentives like traffic impact fee waivers and job credits to further support economic development efforts.

As Shasta County continues to flourish, its economic diversification and collaborative approach are evident. By leveraging its strengths and unique offerings, the region is attracting investment, creating jobs, and positioning itself as a key player in Northern California’s economic landscape. Stay tuned to hear more about the exciting initiatives and success stories from Shasta County and other communities driving economic growth and prosperity throughout California.

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